Caviar Nails

17 Nov

The current Caviar Nails are THE topic. We all have learned: you do not play with food? False, because this new manicure looks exactly like a same called known delicacy.

picture credit

picture credit

What’s behind the original nail art and how to conjure the look on your own nails? You will need:

– Base Coat

– Paint color of your choice

Caviar nails

– Top Coat

Step 1: paint your nails with the base coat

Step 2: Apply a coat of paint color on your nails and let it dry

Step 3: Paint another layer of color on the nail

Step 4: Sprinkle the caviar pears into the still wet paint. Alternatively, you can also put your finger gently into the beads

Step 5: Press down the beads in the wet paint 

Step 6: If you prefer to give a smooth appearance carries top coat to the entire nail


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