Style Rachel Zoe’s Cozy Hippie Look

10 Dec

Combine simple basics with a good dose of extravagance and hippie chic is the new trend in Hollywood. No one else controlled this art so perfectly like Rachel Zoe. As if from another time but still dressed modern, she strolls through the streets of Los Angeles and you can actually just wondering that this Look works.

To the simple black knit dress and suede boots she is wearing the patterned jacket in warm tones. Gold statement jewelry and a knit cap completes the outfit.

For those who want to come also similar stylish through the cold season, Rachel’s Look:

picture credit

1. Chunky statement necklace by Mango about 40 €
2. Black knit dress from Mango about 20 €
3. Colorful coat of Kaffe sat. at Zalando about 110 €
4. Knitted by Görtz 17 about 15 €
5. Sunglasses from River Iceland sat. at Asos. about 6 €
6. Boots in suede finish of Deichmann € 35



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