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Bruno Mars – Unorthodox Jukebox

15 Dec

Six million albums sold, forty million singles sold and a Grammy Award: Bruno Mars is one of the absolute high-flyers in the pop business since the release of his debut album “Doo-Wops” (2010). Now the native Hawaiians puts on with his new album ‘Unorthodox Jukebox’.

On this album the singer raged in various genres. Whether crunched Michael Jackson-goes-indie-rock sound (‘Gorilla’), arm in arm with Sting (‘Locked Out Of Heaven’), together with Terence Trent D’Arby on piano (‘When I Was Your Man’) or unconcerned fluffy reggae-pop like (‘Show Me’). Bruno Mars looks on “Unorthodox Jukebox” with big eyes beyond his own nose.

Pop, Rock, R & B, Soul: Despite permanent change of direction a thick thread through the whole work. With great choruses and edgy pop up structures the second ‘landing on Mars’ turns out to be a good stop on the way in large worlds.

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Wiz Khalifa – O.N.I.F.C.

11 Dec

As this lanky, tattooed guy with the slightly bizarre name in 2006 for the first time struck the musical world with his tunes, nobody could have guessed that six years later, the name Wiz Khalifa is on everyone’s lips.

Game, Snoop, Ne-Yo, even Maroon 5, all they want to have him as a guest on their songs. Despite all these features, he has still managed to complete with ‘O.N.I.F.C.’ his own second studio album. Although none of these artists is represented as a feature, but he has Cam’Ron, Akon, 2 Chainz, Juicy J, and Pharell brought into the bot.

Already with the first three tracks is a little on irrelevance in Wiz ‘appearance. Safe, relaxed and stress free seems ‘Bond Paper’ or ‘Bluffin’. The decisive moment in the battle for the favor of the listener you get with danceable, oppressive beats  like ‘Work Hard, Play Hard’, which was not without reason the first single release from ‘O.N.I.F.C.’. Unexpectedly pale is the nearly ten minute long ‘No limit’.

Is ‘O.N.I.F.C.’ now become a bad album? Not at all. But a successful Album is it also not . If you still can not get enough, let me tell you: The next feature will be come certainly.

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Ellie Goulding – Halcyon

9 Dec

Ellie Goulding’s album ‘Halcyon’ captured my soul right on the first listen. Never before have I experienced so many emotions, from despair and sadness to hope. Goulding’s voice is something special, imprinting everything she sings with unique character. Her tremulous vibrato and slightly hoarse timbre have the feel of something primal and folky, her birdlike high notes conveying a childlike wonder while darker tones imply ancient depths of sorrow. She sings like she is strung out on the melody, warbling from a place of desperate emotion.

To find inspiration for her second disc, the singer-songwriter traveled back to her native Herefordshire, England. There she recorded with producer Jim Elliot. With its melodicism, emotionality and ear-catching sound effects, this is certainly pop music but not of the formulaic electro-r & b style that has come to dominate the charts.

This album deserves the same success, if not more, than Adele’s 21 has achieved.

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Greenday – Tre

8 Dec

‘Tre’ will be the last album of Green Day’s trilogy and it is a worthy, perfect ending.

As the first two albums ‘Uno’ and ‘Dos’ and this album has its own style. It is musically compared with the two predecessor albums ‘American Idiot ‘and ’21st Century Breakdown’. ‘Uno’ was classic and ‘Dos’ was a little dirty and fun. Thats the reason why everyone will has their own favorite of the CD’s.

In any case, a successful conclusion of the trilogy.


The Script – #3

7 Dec

The third studio album from the Irish Trio The Script was recorded in Los Angeles. ‘Hall Of Fame’ is the first single off the album and it is a perfect introduction. The track is a feature with Black Eyed Peas The vocals of Danny O’Donoghue and work together so fantastically.

‘Good Ol’ Days’ is the opening track on the record and this is a more uplifting and positive side of the band that we don’t always see. The Script always have O’Donoghue who has brought a very personal feel to his writing once again and ‘Six Degrees of Separation’ as he wears his heart on his sleeve and sings about his own very personal break-up.

The most personal moment on the CD comes in ‘If You Could See Me Now’ that is an incredibly touching and moving song about the loss of a parent. Written by O’Donoghue and Mark Sheeran have penned the track and there is a real power to it as they wonder what their missing parent would make of their success and their achievements. The spoken word is something that works really well for this track and it is not surprising that the two may have struggled to sing these very personal and moving words. They pick up the pace again with ‘Give The Love Around’ in what is an incredibly slick pop track – and a nod back to a sound that we have become use to with their previous releases.

#3 is a great blend of sound as it sees The Script show off a more upbeat side to themselves – ‘Hall of Fame’ being the greatest example – as well as the ballads that they have become so famed for. There is something slightly more mature about their sound and their writing this time around – not to mention the personal element that will no doubt strike a chord with fans.

#3 is the best release from the band so far and this album will certainly bring The Script even more success.

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The Weeknd – Trilogy

5 Dec

Are there any hard and fast rules and laws by which the economics of contemporary pop work? While the music industry is excited about copyright violations, and penalties required, an artist gives away his music for free. No, not just a song in order to make it interesting, but several albums.

Between March and December 2011, the 22-year-old Canadian Abel Tesfaye has Berihun under the name The Weeknd released three mixtapes on his website for free download.

His new album ‘Trilogy’ has come again in a paid version on the market, complemented by three new tracks. Maybe it’s because The Weeknd has since worked with Lady Gaga, Florence & The Machine and the rap star Drake. The success of the similar-sounding Alex Clare might have played a role.

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Christina Aguilera – Lotus

4 Dec

‘Lotus’ is the name, from Christina Aguilera seventh album. There are a few blinding dance-pop gems, there’s a sprinkling of lite-rock and even the occasional urban influence. But the emphasis is overwhelmingly on ballads. Aguilera knows that the big-lunged diva’s voice sets her apart from the competition, and they’ve taken every opportunity to show it off. With an instrument as powerful as this, there is an understandable temptation to over-sing but with a couple of notable exceptions the Voice judge manages to keep it under control. As a result, she turns in some of the best vocal performances of her career. It’s just a shame Christina hasn’t realized that she can demonstrate her vocal superiority just as effectively by singing uptempo tunes, because the dance tracks on Lotus are great. The album is by no means boring, but it does sound safe by comparison.